We have arrived.

Eric Belozovsky
Founding Member, Co-Owner, and Director

After scribbling the walls of his crib with secrets for his “How to Transform Manifesto”, Eric climbed out and set forth with his borscht sippy cup in hand. The self-proclaimed “Baby Boss” paired up with a silly bird who cannot sit still, and together they built an environment that cultivates, innovates, and empowers, and most importantly, does not take itself too seriously. You will leave a meeting with this guy, and wonder “Is his energy that infectious, or is he just Patient Zero?”

Nikolya Sereda
Founding Member and Co-Owner

A theatre kid at heart, Nikolya is also armed with production, communications, creative, and administrative experience. When Baby Boss first babbled his delirious visions, Magpie did what she does best: squawk and tap on people. After years of building our team and client base, Nikolya flies into projects with her design and copywriting lens, and her watchful eye. She can transform anything. Just a bit of glitter and mild pressure, and she produces diamonds!

Destiny Slater
Founding Member

A “slayer” of all things artistic, do not let this gecko’s spacey stare throw you off. Destiny is just peering into your soul and thinking up her next masterpiece. A part of the original 4 TDS members, Destiny has seen it all. Nimble and quick, Destiny leaps between artistic disciples and delivers illustration, animation, and design work that will knock you off your feet. She also is not afraid to douse Baby Boss with her paint In the middle of one of his rants to make a point.

Hannah Fisher
Member, ‘22

The wildest wildcat on the East Coast, Hannah whizzes around Washington, DC on her roller skates, armed with many skills in her arsenal including video editing, design, as well as website and email expertise. She ran into the Boss and Magpie through work, and within one email and one meeting for TDS, she was in. Dodging tired tropes, Hannah always keeps the team on their toes by defying expectations by day, bringing the team to new levels, and making killer Instagram reels at night.

Mikail Baptiste
Member, ‘22

A walking oxymoron, Mikail brings the laid-back charm of a sloth with the intense talent and hyperfocus of a cyborg. An old classmate of Magpie’s from college, Mikail joined in for TDS’ Happy Hours in our embryonic days. Since then, he has been a staple of the team, bringing his laser eye on written pieces, email strategy, and grant writing. He is often found musing on his latest poem (about nurses), or sleeping (or trying to). In fact, do not disturb his slumber, his top hat has built-in missiles.

Caleb Pendley
Member, ‘24

Our newest member is hatching. Come back soon for the reveal. Hint: graphic design is his passion.