Develop, Grow, Maintain:

DGM contracts range from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the size of your investment in the DGM process and what aspects of your company or organization you want to focus on.


When we start our relationship, we gather observations, identify pain points, establish goals, and begin developing a solution, and its plan and timeline, often between 6 months and 1 year.

During this stage, we learn more about you, how your company operates, how to communicate best, and work together. When a plan and timeline is finalized, we move on to development and implementation.


When the implementation is in full force, we can begin the evaluation process and identify areas we want to Improve. This can range from internal to external factors. 

Once we have more data on your goal, the consistency and expectations established in the Develop stage gives us the foundation to experiment with new ideas and visions.


At this point, new ideas become reality, and the outcomes of our collaborative efforts bring your goal in a positive direction.

With the transformation your company experiences, we repeat the cycle of the Develop, Grow, and Maintain stages, always searching for new ways to advance to a higher level while assessing and modifying our services to provide the best fit for your needs.

Our Pricing

We don't shy away from creative deals!
Our clients always receive customized quotes that best suit their needs and goals.

Starter Tier
Starter Tier starts at $2K a month but can increase depending on the goals the client wants to accomplish and the services included.
May include:
Social media maintenance
Email building and distribution
Website maintenance
Content creation
Graphic design
Video editing and captioning
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Advanced Tier
Advanced Tier starts at $5K a month but can increase depending on size of client and scope work.
May include:
Logo design
Brand design
Website design and development
Animation and illustration
Graphic design (motion and static)
Video editing and captioning
Social media maintenance
Grant seeking and writing
Writing consulting (scripts, blogs, press releases)
Strategic consulting
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DGM Maintenance
Full-stack services can be negotiated at completion of DGM packages as part of the Maintenance stage. Fulfill the ongoing needs of your company, organization, or department’s needs with our services at your fingertips. 

Packages in the past have included social media management, email marketing, graphic design, website maintenance, copywriting, video editing, captioning, campaign development and management, and more.

**** Please note our restrictions: TDS members or freelancers cannot supervise client employees, take on leadership roles under the client’s team, and must have a client supervisor/person of contact.
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Project Based Packages
While we primarily are seeking DGM packages, we are currently also accepting project-based work. Project-based packages apply to any of our DGM services and can include:
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Timeline and Distribution
Campaign Plan
Implementation (optional)
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What Kind of Services
Can TDS Provide?

Every contract is unique and tailored to the goals of the client.


Often called the "heart" of a company organization, your website sends a strong message. Ranging from design, execution, evaluation, and maintenance, we have everything you need to create a strong heartbeat.‍

• Website Maintenance
• Website Design
• Website Development
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


It takes care and thought to string words along in just the right way. We support you with tools and knowledge for various writing styles and applications.

• Web Writing
• Blog Writing
• Editing and Copywriting
• Grant Writing
• Proofreading


Art is what makes the world go round. Our talented, creative professionals turn your vision into an incredible reality.

• Video and Editing
• Illustration
• Graphic Design
• Animation
• Creative Writing


We make big splashes, generate attention for your event, product, organization, or company.‍

• Marketing and Strategy
• Email Marketing
• Social Media
• Campaign Planning & Management
• Branding

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