Neon sign logo of Ta-Da Studios with cable lines hanging

Do you?

We know what it takes to be an outlier.

Neon sign logo of Ta-Da Studios

Drawn together in 2020...

by our shared frustration about the lack of a space for advocacy, professional growth, and economical opportunities, a group of young deaf professionals decided to start a creative agency together.

Consisting of committed members and a community of freelancers,

we find out what your company and your team needs to succeed, and we execute, all the while, valuing our casual and fun-loving atmosphere.


Tantalum (Ta), found on the Periodic Table of Elements, is often used in electronics such as computers, mobile devices, and televisions, and was discovered by a deaf scientist in 1802. The only fitting suffix had be... TA-DA!

custom illustrated computer with "Ta" period table of element block on the computer screen
an illustration of galileo
an illustration of beethoven
a photography of edison

Galileo, Beethoven. Edison... All outliers. All deaf.

Our Outliers

What we do

We tailor each of our services to your company, organization, or platform, ensuring that your needs are met and expectations are exceeded. Our services also continue to grow as our team builds - please inquire about any alternative services you are seeking!


Want to generate attention for your event, product, organization, or company? We love making a big splash (and building splash zones that go far and wide!).

  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Campaign Planning and Management
  • Branding


Art is what makes the world go round. Looking for talented, creative professionals who can turn your vision into an incredible reality? You're in luck!

  • Video and Editing
  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Creative Writing

Website Development.

Often called the "heart" of a company, your website should send a strong message about your company and its values. Ranging from design, execution, evaluation, and maintenance, we have all the services you need to create a strong heartbeat.

  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Public Relations.

Often seen as marketing's close cousin, public relations is more than just generating attention. Building relationships is the key to a thriving business or organization. Equip your team with our tools, and nurture your network.

  • Public Relations Preparation and Training
  • Relationship Development and Management

While we aim

to uplift deaf-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations, we are setting our sights big. We are eager to work with clients from all backgrounds.

Tell us what you are looking for, and let us exceed your expectations!