“To dream is life, and life is chasing that dream.”

In December of 2020, a group of ambitious young adults decided to start a creative agency together.  

Their shared frustration regarding the lack of a space for advocacy, professional growth, and economical opportunities for young Deaf professionals, proved the need for TDS.

It's been a long time coming...

Introducing the team you have been looking for.

Why Ta-Da?

When the team gathered to name themselves, they studied over various inspirations, including the Periodic Table of Elements.

We learned that Tantalum (Ta), number 73 on the table, was discovered by a deaf scientist in 1802, Anders Gustaf Ekberg from Sweden.

Since the Tantalum metal is often used in electronics such as computers, mobile devices, and televisions, we thought it was the coolest way to honor Deaf history and express our expertise in an expanding digital world.

So we were TA!


Well, then the only fitting finisher had to be... TA-DA!

Our Services

We provide Deaf-conscious and ASL-friendly marketing, website, design, and writing services to our clients, tailored to them and their unique journey.

Through our DGM approach, we provide thoughtful strategies and prosperous results, reaching audiences far and wide, for our signing and non-signing friends.

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