An outlier can mean many things.

In statistics, an outlier is a data point that differs significantly from other observations.  In business, an outlier is a person dramatically more or less successful than the majority.

Society may view an outlier as anyone that operates far outside "normalcy".

But here at Ta-Da Studios, we believe outliers are not normal until they make a new normal.

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Eric Belozovsky

Director, Co-Founder

Affectionately deemed as the "Baby Boss", Eric views himself as a futuristic leader with a personal mission to change the world and transform the deaf community's ecosystem. With strengths in web design and development, marketing know-how, and visionary oversight, Eric will uplift your dreams. After a job well done, he may offer you Fireball in a diamond-adorned sippy cup to celebrate.

Nikolya Sereda


With a penchant for design, a way with words, and a weak spot for anything sparkly, Nikolya, known as the neighborhood magpie, swoops in with her writing, art, and marketing expertise, along with her devotion to theatrics and aesthetics. Nikolya takes coal under her wings, and with a bit of intense pressure, glitter, and incoherent babbles from Baby Boss, she shits diamonds.

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